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About Bill

On December 13, 1944, I was born to Domenic and Sarah Macary in Waterbury Connecticut as the fourth child of a family of five. The Macary Family is worldwide and the name originates back to 1701 to Georges Macary in Zgharta, Lebanon and are business leaders in various enterprises for more than 310 years. From my earliest days as a child I have been intrigued and enjoyed starting and building businesses. (See Resume Page) Most of my immediate family resides in Connecticut, and in various other states including Florida. My residence is Ocala Florida since November 1997 and I arrived in this beautiful state in March of 1993 residing in Lady Lake where my very beautiful daughter Michelle was born in 1994.On September 23, 1983, I was born-again into the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ on September 23, 1983. On May 5, 1985, during a church service at Faith Christian Fellowship, in Hamden Connecticut, Pastor Nathaniel Hayes started the first of many successive anointings on a journey as a minister of Jesus Christ. I received the biblical gifts by the laying on of hands by the presbytery and anointed to share my faith with others.  Read or listen to the prophecies!