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Glad Tidings Newsletter Archive
Christian Business Services began a series of newsletters to it’s members and to subscribers and are listed below. Check them out-you will be glad you did!  Please note that some files (PDF) are large and take longer to load.
A Brief History On November 1, 1990 in North Haven Connecticut, Christian Business Services gave it's FIRST referral to another Believer in Jesus Christ. After more than two years in development with the assistance of Brothers and Sisters in Christ, CBS started on the journey to help connect the business and professional community with those who desired and needed their services. The original vision was and still is, to unify the Body of Christ through our day to day activities. Both individuals, working together strengthen the Body of Christ and edify itself by what each person supplies, both in receiving and supplying of the product or service. The vision of Christian Business Services (CBS) is to provide products and services with integrity to the Body of Christ and others who choose those services, Believer or not. Through CBS we provided... Product Referrals Service Referrals Network Opportunities Seminars & Workshops Consulting Services Publication Services Employment Referrals Housing Referrals Singles Connections Barter Opportunities Ministry Opportunities In 1993 in obedience to the Lord, My family and I moved to Lady Lake Florida where God sent us a beautiful baby girl as He promised before leaving Connecticut. CBS grew and was active in Lake and Marion counties in Florida and other areas of the US until marital difficulties forced the ministry to be layed down temporarily according to scripture. Over the years I inquired of the Lord and He said it is sleeping. I held on to that and when He said NOW, which was named Labor To Give woke out of the long slumber and now has Associates in multiple Florida counties and is growing each week. One more update is that we are now The Believer’s Network which is more in line with the original vision.  Today we are located in Ocala, FL, the “horse capital of the world.” In obedience to the Lord, The Believer’s Network has gone underground as the Church did in to first century.  As the Lord directs I will give more information on this subject.
Ocala, Florida