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Chronological Order of the Epistles
Have you read a book lately? Did you start at the beginning or did you skip around in a haphazard manner? If you did skip around you most likely missed the message of the author. In the same manner when you read the Epistles (letters to the Church) you most likely "missed" what the Author, the Holy Spirit, was trying to help you understand in those letters. Many years ago I saw this truth and started to read them in the order they were written and sent to the Church. Reading in the proper order gave me insight and direction. The order is designed to build Truth upon Truth. Attempting to put a roof on a house without first setting the foundation and then the walls is crazy. The roof is supported by the lower parts of the building. In the same manner reading Epistles out of order will cause confusion and confusion is not from God. I encourage you to experience this pattern. It WILL change your life! You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free!
Chronological Order of the Epistles 1. Galatians — Written from Antioch, Syria in 49 AD. (See Acts 15:23) 2. I Thessalonians — Late 51 AD from Corinth, Greece. (see Acts 18:1) 3. II Thessalonians — Early 52 AD 3 months after I Thessalonians. 4. I Corinthians — Written 55-56 AD from Ephesus. (see Acts 19:22-23) 5. II Corinthians — summer of 57 AD from Ephesus or Philippi. (see Acts 20:1) 6. Romans — winter 57 AD or early 58 AD from Corinth. (See Acts 20:2,3) 7. James — Written from Jerusalem about 60 AD by James the brother of Jesus. (See Acts 21:18) 8. Colossians, Ephesians, Philemon — All written from Rome, late 61 AD or early 62 AD. 9. Philippians — Written from Rome, 63 AD 10. I Peter — Written in 63-64 AD to Christian Jews in Rome. 11. II Peter — Written in 63-64 AD to Christian Jews in Rome. 12. I Timothy — About 66 AD, written from north Greece (Macedonia, perhaps Nicoplis. 13. Titus — Written from Macedonia about the same time as I Timothy, 66 AD. 14. II Timothy — Late 67 AD, written from Rome. 15. Hebrews — Written from Italy approximately 67 AD. Author, and destination unknown. 16. Jude — Written 70-80 AD by Judas the brother of Jesus. 17. I John, II John, III John — Written about 90-95 AD from Ephesus. 18. Revelation — Written 95-96 AD by John “the Beloved” on the isle of Patmos during the reign of Emperor Domitian