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Custom Designed Forms
Secure Payment / Registration  Form
To Form or Not To Form? Less Spam? Forms have a definite effect on “spam”. Use of a form slows many attempts for “spam” to only the more advanced “bot” systems. The Contact Forms prevent “bots’ from using  e-mail addresses for malicious purposes to send attachments or viruses. More Professional? Using a form to many, seem to convey the attitude of a more professional website design look and feel. The choice is yours. Preferred by Visitors? Forms have a certain amount of convenience and anonymity. This in turns encourages feedback. Conclusion. Look at some websites and see if they are using forms.  I think you will see that most are using forms to handle E-Mail
Custom Designed Forms We build every form to your fulfill your needs.  Prices for using forms from ‘third party’ providers charge a monthly fee according to the amount of e-mails you receive, we on the other hand charge only to design and setup the form and apply a $24 annual fee added to your billing.  We also design forms for employment, business agreements and many other legal type fillable forms using your own designed forms.  Multiple pages are not a problem helping your business be on a “paperless” system.  We can take your respective form and turn it into a form to e-mail or fill and download as an attachment to your private e-mail account. Maybe you need a series of forms to accomplish a task, such as, E-mail, Invitation, RSVP,  Feedback and even Surveys.  Feedback forms can be used to receive ratings that can be published on the website informing potential customers of the quality of your services.  Booking, Contracts and more can make your website more productive. Here are just a small sample of the many forms being used. Click the forms to enlarge the form samples.
Fillable Business Agreement Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form RSVP to Invitation Form Request Invitation Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form Feedback Form E-Mail / Contact Form E-Mail / Contact Form Fillable Employment Application - 2 pages