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A Guide for Submitting Content What do you plan to do with your web site?  With your web site you can sell products on-line, accept payments or reservations, or perhaps you just wish to provide contact and business information. Just about anything you can think of can be incorporated into a web site, movie clips, audio, flash, slide shows, shopping carts and much more. Web Site Design Tips Do your competitors have a website? What are the features and function on their website? What will a website comparable to your competitors cost you? From a design standpoint, you will need to give the us some direction as to what you are looking for or what you are trying to achieve. Surf the internet to get a feel for the type of layout, design and style that you would like to represent your business. Some creative tips include: don't overdo it, sometimes we want to incorporate too much whether it's information, images, or animated behaviors, your visitors need you to get to the point and we suggest that you point us in that direction as well. Submitting Content E-mail is best to submit your content to us. Through the use of e-mail, we can more effectively (a savings of time and money to YOU!) understand your choices and direction.  With the e-mail it minimizes errors as we build your site.  Text, photos other images and site samples should be sent for building your site.  When submitting links from other sites as samples, include what you see and describe your choices with each link. 
HOME PAGE Here is where a description or overview of the website is located.  This is the FIRST page of your site.  It is important to give enough information so the person wants to learn more about you and your enterprise.
ABOUT US Here is overview of the goals, vision and mission statements and also the information about the personnel connected to this enterprise is located.
PRODUCTS / SERVICES Detailed descriptions of your products and services available to the consumer.  Shopping Carts can be linked here to assist the consumer to BUY ONLINE.  Areas of service can also be shown here.
BIO / QUALIFICATIONS Listings of experience and qualifications of owner  and others who produce and service the customers or clients.
CONTACT US Contact information about hours, location(s), map(s) QR codes and other necessary info of the business.
NEWS / BLOG / OTHER News updates, tips, gallery, videos, coupons, links to other sites and much more can be on these pages.
Color Chart The color chart is helpful in your choice of colors for your site.  Click the chart to enlarge and select your color preferences for pages, background and other items in your site.  Select the 6 character number and send in your e-mail with description for use.